The Wild West Rally will not be run in 2016, but the Doo Wop Rally will be and will be looking for volunteers. A link to that its website once it is up and running.

This rally cannot happen without the generous help from volunteers.

This small regional event will not require a large number of volunteers, but we encourage everyone that wishes to learn a new volunteer position to sign up and indicate what they would like to learn OR the teach. Now is also a great time to get your HAM license as communications in rally is a critical function to the overall safety and running of every event. Even if you do not wish to obtain your HAM operators license, purchasing a 2mm Handheld Radio will allow you follow along with the event and provide emergency communications if ever necessary.

Every effort will be made to place you with friends you may have indicated you wish to work with but it is important you indicate the friends you want to be teamed with in the comments section of your profile!!

Wild West Rally Volunteer Registration